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Regulatory Capital Requirements for European ... - Latham & Watkins
Criteria for Recognition of External Ratings. 19 . certain non-EU sovereign exposures qualifying for credit quality step 1 (but limited to 20% of all covered .

Standardised Approach: Mapping of ECAIs' credit assessments to ...
All short-term ratings below A-3. 150%. 5. 150%. 6. 150%. Securitisation: Long term mapping: Standardised approach. Credit. Quality. Step. Risk. Weights. Fitch .

Recognising the risk-mitigating impact of insurance in operational ...
. A: Credit quality steps.............................................................................................22 . The insurance provider has a minimum claims paying ability rating of A (or .

Mar 21, 2012 . Minimum accepted credit standard is lowered from credit quality step 3 to credit quality step 4 in the Eurosystem's harmonized rating scale[1] .

Insurance - Money Marketing
Apr 30, 2012 . 5 Max Duration: 1 Years. Note: Charges are capped at 100%; the rating category corresponding to the credit quality step is based on Fitch?s .


Regulatory use - Rating Platform
The mapping into the 6 credit quality steps was derived by using table 1 in the Annex VI Part 1 .


CEBS Supervisory Disclosures - External Credit Assessment ...
14, Mapping to credit quality steps - Long term credit assessment, 1, AAA to AA- . 23, 4, All short term ratings below A-3, NP, Below F3, R-4, R-5, All short term .


External Credit Assessment Institutions' (ECAI) Recognition Process
. credit assessments to the steps in a credit quality assessment .

Changes in Bank of Italy's Requirements for ... - Paul Hastings
priority in the repayment of principal as well as (b) any other position assigned a credit assessment (rating) corresponding to credit quality step 1 for banks which .


Stocktaking on the use of credit ratings - International Association of ...
conditions and details for the use of ratings (eg, in the EU, for the mapping of external ratings to the regulatory risk-weights or credit quality steps). All members of .

Credit Quality Definition | Investopedia
An individual bond or bond mutual fund's credit quality is determined by private independent rating agencies such as Standard & Poor's, Moody's and Fitch.


Basel II Pillar 3 Consolidated Disclosures - Barclays
Credit rating agencies and credit quality steps under the Standardised approach. Credit quality steps and risk weights under the Standardised approach .


Standardised approach: mapping of ECAIs' credit assessments to ...
External Credit Assessment Institutions (ECAIs) recognised under the Capital . Institution (includes banks). Credit. Assessment method. Credit. Quality. Step . S&P. Principal stability funds ratings. S&P. Fund credit quality ratings. 1. 20% .

External Credit Assessment Institutions' (ECAI ... - Banco de Portugal
14, Eligible ECAIs, Fitch Ratings, Moody's, S&P, Coface Serviços Portugal . 23, Mapping to credit quality steps - Long term credit assessment, 1, AAA to AA- .


AMF 2007 Report on rating agencies - Credit rating
1.1 The use of external credit ratings as a tool to measure credit risk quality. . The Commission bancaire shall specify the credit quality steps to which the .

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