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Usury - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Historically some cultures have regarded charging any interest for loans as sinful and some still do today. Some of the earliest known condemnations of usury .

Loan Sharking (or Not) in Massachusetts - REAL ESTATE AND ...
Feb 12, 2012 . You may be guilty of loan sharking (that's criminal usury in legal terms) if you charge more than 20% per year of interest in Massachusetts.

Usury - Legal Dictionary - The Free Dictionary
Persons who charge excess interest and then threaten Extortion are known as loan sharks. They may be prosecuted for usury and, if convicted, fined and .

Loan shark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Salary-buying loan sharks continued to operate in some southern states after World War Two because the usury rate was set so low that licensed personal .

Note Investing & Usury Laws: How to Protect Yourself
Sep 7, 2011 . Usury laws are an important consideration in note investing because there are stiff penalties for those who violate the law and who become .


The Rag Blog: Legalized Loan Sharks : Usury With Fangs
Dec 21, 2009 . According to the Oxford American Desk Dictionary, the definition of a "loan shark" is a person who lends money at exorbitant rates of interest.


Usury Synonyms, Usury Antonyms |
The rates that climb up well past usury and enter the realm of loan-shark territory. But now the anonymous credit card company charges rates that makes one .


The Loan Shark Problem in the Southeastern States
demeanor to make usurious charges. Thus in the various Southeastern states the loan shark might lose his usurious interest, in several states suffer more .

May 6, 2010 . Repayment of loans at a usurious rate makes repayment excessively difficult to impossible for borrowers. This is also called "loan sharking" or .


New York State Usury Laws |
A usury is a loan from a loan shark that is offered with a high interest rate. New York State has set the interest rate on usury loans at 16 percent on personal and .

Laws Against Loan Sharks |
A loan shark, also known as a usurer, is in the business of lending money at exorbitant rates of interest. While usury and extortion--exacting payment against the .


Loan Sharks, Interest Rate Caps, and Deregulation
The other type of loan shark thrived both when usury ceilings were very low and when they were very high or even removed. Deregulation does not starve the .


California Usury Laws |
People often associate usury with loan sharks, but because the California law on usury is complex, many businesses and people can end up committing usury .

Loan Shark Usury in the Philippines As Unpardonable by Eric V ...
Apr 5, 2012 . Loan Shark Usury in the Philippines As Unpardonable By Eric V. Encina Usury in the Philippines, and of course all.


The Loan Sharks of Today - AARP
Apr 19, 2010 . Watch out - online payday loans can be even worse than the . Loan Sharks of Today. Can online payday lenders escape the usury laws?

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